Simon Oliver
Simon Oliver 19 timmar sedan
Well what did sky expect him to say that pogba makes a goof point about that or something I mean I am no fan of Mourinho but sky are such wind up merchants?😂😂
Alex Noonan
Alex Noonan 19 timmar sedan
To be honest, I didn’t come for the squads. I came for the arguments
Balkan Respekt
Balkan Respekt 19 timmar sedan
As Arsenal fan i would like to say: Jose has won more than Paul Pogba. If Pogba didn’t change his hair style every week nobody would know about him.
Kennedy Korir
Kennedy Korir 19 timmar sedan
Felix Brown
Felix Brown 19 timmar sedan
Tomorrow: Pogba reacts to Mourinho reacting to Pogba reacting to Mourinho vs Ole
Ryan Cripps
Ryan Cripps 19 timmar sedan
Not many complaints? Did u see son rolling around like he was shot with 10 players around him? Deluded
Q-M-Q 19 timmar sedan
See, I wouldn't have put it out there the same way Pogba just did about Mourinho. However, it does feel a bit just that he did because it's true Mourinho mistreated the guy and called him a 'virus' that is not manner to treat a person with whom you work. Mourinho talks too much, so does Pogba at times...
Pamberi ne Hondo
Pamberi ne Hondo 19 timmar sedan
Where is Billy Gilmour now?
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 19 timmar sedan
This is a mature response. Well done Jose. Your legacy in football will always be far greater than that of Pogba. Don't get involved with these people who try to kick you when you are down.
Max Lowrie
Max Lowrie 19 timmar sedan
That intro was 🔥
MustafaPS5 19 timmar sedan
jose always talks of the past and how much experience he has, he needs to be sacked
AIM93 19 timmar sedan
Was that a penalty... Really?
Daniel Hanlon
Daniel Hanlon 19 timmar sedan
@0:30 - that finish though 🙂🙂🙂
Timbo 19 timmar sedan
If Kane was to leave Tottenham for a better prem team like City he’ll become one of the best strikers in the prem
Timbo 19 timmar sedan
@Lee H no I meant history wise like a Shearer and Henry
Lee H
Lee H 19 timmar sedan
he will become one of the best strikers in the prem? he already is
James Ardley
James Ardley 19 timmar sedan
Keane should never be in the England picture, end of conversation
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 19 timmar sedan
I think Jose’s fully lost it now
Sameer Saud
Sameer Saud 19 timmar sedan
Of course he cares. 😂 Its killing him how Pogba and United got the best of him.
Kai Andrew
Kai Andrew 19 timmar sedan
Mourinho vs Ole boxing fight comfirmed
Karls Klangers
Karls Klangers 19 timmar sedan
Best pogba performance of the week is that he has a new haircut ,,,vastly over rated
M C 19 timmar sedan
No Kane - don’t even bother going to Wembley next weekend.
Max Etheridge
Max Etheridge 19 timmar sedan
Zero_Cool 19 timmar sedan
Imagine what these 2 was like at utd
ironbizmark 19 timmar sedan
What a savage ! Oh , thats typical mourinho
SachinP 19 timmar sedan
This is toxic journalism. Ole says something, they ask Mourinho about it- milk it for views. Mou says something- they ask Pogba about it- milk it for views. Pogba says something - they ask Mou again- milk it for views. Now they will ask Pogba on what Mou said and again milk it for views. Grow up Sky Sports!
RazWorthers _
RazWorthers _ 19 timmar sedan
There not a team of many complaint haha Son against United that's all I'll say 🤣
Max Etheridge
Max Etheridge 19 timmar sedan
Spurs would be in the championship without Kane, hope the injury isn’t serious and can make Man City in the final 🤞🤞🤞
Hardyislving Paul Hardy
Hardyislving Paul Hardy 19 timmar sedan
Would love to focus watching this interview, but that earring doing my head in. Pogba just has that unlikeable personality lol
ironbizmark 19 timmar sedan
2:24 🤣 Thank me when this commentary turns into a meme
Nicky Cotton
Nicky Cotton 19 timmar sedan
So just because City haven't been perfect since Mc Mick's taken the reigns they're shite. We were in the depths of the table before he signed up!
gg0u1239 19 timmar sedan
Best at the end...you were the only right back we had at the club...
Bubs 19 timmar sedan
1:54 RIP Vincent Kompany’s cheek
Nghia Ha
Nghia Ha 19 timmar sedan
i thought clear and obvious mistake, would be someone kicking the floor and falling over, then getting a pen? it's like someone wants var to fail. they should use cricket or tennis format. where var is only used when the team asks. and each team only gets limited number of reviews per half or per game.
M Gib
M Gib 19 timmar sedan
Ole's great he's so funny jose is just depressed
Amanze Nobert
Amanze Nobert 19 timmar sedan
Everton haven't lost to Tottenham this season
vxrbalist_ Clodz
vxrbalist_ Clodz 19 timmar sedan
Tottenham don’t deserve to have Harry Kane
Yared Mera
Yared Mera 19 timmar sedan
Pogba you need to focus on your performance on the pitch not interview to sky !!!
Mark McDonald
Mark McDonald 19 timmar sedan
You clicking baiting sons of b....’s, its the last couple of seconds 🤦🏼‍♂️
Jaiden KB
Jaiden KB 19 timmar sedan
Swear Kane was offside 0:39
Mc Lovin
Mc Lovin 19 timmar sedan
Bale is experiencing the same toxic mourinho treatment right now..
The kraken
The kraken 19 timmar sedan
Kane will look so good in that united shirt on the opening day.
Ram 84
Ram 84 19 timmar sedan
Dammmmm mourinho is mad 😂😂